The 2020 CIO Innovation Index

Now in its second year, the CIO Innovation Index explores how CIOs and IT decision makers are adopting emerging technologies and engaging with venture-backed startups. The first edition of the CIO Innovation Index released last September was the first-ever study to capture how and in what categories enterprise IT leaders interact with startups. This year, we built on that foundation by collecting year-over-year data, and diving deeper into areas such as the proof-of-concept process.

Special Report: The Impact of COVID-19 on Enterprise Innovation

COVID-19 has had an unprecedented impact on IT departments as companies have had to ramp up customer service and enable a fully remote workforce almost overnight. Despite uncertainty, our just released report finds that IT budgets and headcount will remain steady with the majority of CIOs anticipating IT vendor spend to remain constant (46%) or increase (40%). But while our data shows that IT budgets aren’t shrinking for many CIOs, spend allocation is quickly shifting.

The 2020 CIO Innovation Index

COVID-19 has had an unforeseen impact on companies and their IT departments. But the 2020 CIO Innovation Index finds that despite uncertain times, innovation is a top priority for enterprise IT teams. We surveyed 100+ CIOs, including IT leaders at companies such as AEG Worldwide, Avnet, Blue Diamond, Flex, Kao and Kraft Heinz to better understand what emerging technologies enterprise CIOs are prioritizing right now, how they’re working with startups, and what CIOs themselves are doing to drive innovation within their companies.

2019 CIO Innovation Index

The 2019 CIO Innovation Index is our first-ever study identifying best practices that CIOs are using to uncover and engage emerging technologies and venture-backed startups. Check out last year’s report to learn about what technologies CIOs and IT leaders are investing in and what trends are top of mind for them.

The 2020 CIO Innovation Index for CROs and Revenue Leaders

This September, we released the 2020 CIO Innovation Index: Startup Engagement Trends for the Crisis CIO. As we evaluated the data and trends, we realized the report has implications for startup CROs and revenue leaders, so we developed the CRO Edition of the 2020 CIO Innovation Index. The report leverages CIO Innovation Index data to provide guidance to startups on how to better attract large enterprise CIO buyers, including mitigating weaknesses, making proof-of-concept improvements and more.

CIO Perspectives

5 Strategies That Will Define the Crisis-Era CIO Post COVID-19

In speaking with dozens of IT executives, including leaders from companies such as Citrix, Sinclair Broadcast Group and DocuSign, the Portfolio Growth team observed a set of critical strategies (and technologies) that will define the crisis-era CIO in the post COVID world.

How CIOs are Navigating a Mandated Remote Workforce

In response to guidelines from the World Health Organization and local governments, many companies have mandated a mass switch to remote work nearly overnight. This transition has placed immense pressure on organizations and individuals to quickly adapt to a new working environment all while also responding to the rapidly evolving public health crisis, increasing economic instability, and sharp swings in consumer behavior.

Why More Than 50% of CIOs Advise Startups

Advising a startup can be an incredible experience for any executive, but we found this to be increasingly true for chief information officers (CIO). Today’s CIOs are often tasked with more than being the organization's go-to for technology solutions, they are at the front-line of understanding industry disruption — and keeping their companies ahead of that disruption.

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