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Turning the Tables on Notation: Introducing the #OpenLP Origins Podcast Miniseries

Turning the Tables on Notation: Introducing the #OpenLP Origins Podcast Miniseries
LP Insights / August 24, 2021

Notation’s Origins podcast was created in 2016 to shed light on “the money behind the money” in venture. Over the past five years, the podcast has featured dozens of LPs and GPs sharing their wisdom on the ins and outs of venture investing. 

Since day one, the Sapphire Partners team has been hugely supportive of this effort. We are LPs in Notation but our support goes beyond just that. Unbeknownst to Notation, at the same time they were ideating on Origins, we were ideating on #OpenLP. Neither knew about the other’s plans until Notation shared the idea for Origins with us. We immediately saw how similarly we were thinking about the need to bring more insights and perspectives from LP investors to the broader venture conversation. 

Recently, Notation asked us at Sapphire Partners to takeover their Origins podcast for an #OpenLP Origins miniseries. They asked us to host because we “partner with the best early stage venture funds, and have a deep LP network to bring exciting new voices to the show.”

We’re thrilled to be given the opportunity to tap into our network of amazing LPs, as well as leading GPs, to surface insights for the venture community. We hope you enjoy this first episode in which we talk to Notation about the origins of Origins, the origins of Notation, and how it is going (Spoiler alert… really well! They were 100% right that pre-seed is a thing and leaned in early into crypto). 

Stay tuned for next month’s episode which will feature a leading US endowment talking about how endowments and foundations invest in venture funds. We hope you enjoy the series!

If there are questions or individuals you would like us to interview – please tweet us at @Open_LP.

In this initial kickoff episode of the #OpenLP miniseries, Sapphire Partners turns the tables on Notation and interviews them about topics including:

  • The origin of the Origins podcast (and Notation as a firm)
  • How the pre-seed and seed market has evolved over the past years
  • How the NYC tech scene feels, particularly in the wake of COVID
  • Trends in the crypto space and the opportunities ahead
  • The most valuable attributes an LP can bring to the table for a GP
  • And much, much more…



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