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Investing in Companies
of Consequence.

Enterprise VC

As enterprise specialists, we know that B2B startup companies face similar challenges when they get to expansion and later stages. They need the support of specialized, experienced and deep-pocketed investors who will help them build enduring businesses. That’s where we come in.

Drawing on our global relationships, experience in growing technology companies, and our robust Portfolio Growth services, we’ll do everything we can to help you rapidly scale. Our approach is collaborative, agile and efficient — providing support when and where you need it.

We are committed to helping our companies scale and achieve their business goals, which is why we're proud to share our CEO NPS score of 86.

Latest Investments

Supporting Entrepreneurs

By the Numbers

  • 86

    Our 2021 CEO NPS Score

  • $10.2B+

    Assets Under Management
    Across All Vehicles

  • 500+

    2021 Customer Introductions

  • 450+

    2021 Executive Talent Introductions

  • 30+


  • 45+

    M&A Exits

Investment Criteria —

  • Product/Market Fit & Company Stage

    We look for companies with demonstrated product market fit and revenue momentum.

    This generally means you have at least $5 million (or more) in annualized revenue and have strong sales efficiency metrics.

  • Check Size & Scope

    We typically invest $10 to $50 million (with flexibility to invest less or up to $100 million) as part of our initial investment. We have substantial additional capacity for follow-on investments.

    We prefer to lead financing rounds in which we initially participate; although we will consider co-investment roles as part of larger fundraises.

  • Ongoing Partnership

    Like us, you are ambitious and passionate about building a great team and product. You are looking for an investor that will play a consistent and collaborative role.

    We prefer to assume board positions and remain actively involved in the companies we fund.

A Team Approach

With Sapphire you get access to more than just an investor, you get a team dedicated to helping entrepreneurs build and scale their companies through a collaborative, agile and efficient approach.

Meet the Team

Our Guiding Principles

  • Integrity

    Startup executives choose us as an investor because of our integrity. We pride ourselves on transparent communications and living by a strong set of core values.

  • Agile & Supportive

    We move quickly in making decisions and connecting you with the resources you need to expand your business. When you need our help we’re there, but we’ll step back when you want space to do things your way.

  • Authentic Relationships

    Relationships are the key to driving our collective success. We give our utmost attention to building trust and nurturing authentic and congenial long-term relationships.

  • Dedication to Winning

    Our sole focus is on making your start-up a company of consequence. We will use all of our resources and global network to make it happen.

  • Excellence

    Our team strives to be excellent in everything we do, from our roles as investors to our communications with our LPs, teammates and colleagues.

Sapphire Ventures is a team of experienced investors who deeply understand the B2B enterprise tech ecosystem. The team delivered a level of service that was essential to Auth0’s growth. They’ve introduced us to more than a dozen potential customers, helped hire senior leaders for our team and much more. Simply put, Sapphire’s partnership was invaluable to Auth0.

Eugenio Pace CEO, Auth0

Thank you Sapphire for your trust, support, and guidance throughout the years. You fueled our ship, helped us navigate the waters wisely, and encouraged us as we stayed the course resilient and optimistic. We have found in you the best partners we could have hoped for to share and represent our founding values of openness, flexibility, and collaboration. While you are leaving our board, you are forever remaining onboard. Onward and upward!

Ron Yekutiel Co-Founder, Chairman + CEO of Kaltura

We are grateful for the massive support and impact made by the Sapphire investment and Portfolio Growth teams who provided expert guidance and operational best practices on everything from growth acceleration to preparing for a successful IPO. Their expertise with high-growth SaaS companies was invaluable – helping us to scale up and accelerate our business at every turn. We are so grateful for their highly collaborative support as one of our most significant investment allies on our journey.

Roy Mann CEO, Monday.com

Sapphire has facilitated numerous introductions to partners and potential customers for us. The team always makes a point of putting Punchh in front of the best and most important brands that we could be selling to.

Shyam Rao CEO + Co-Founder, Punchh