Sapphire Partners invests in early-stage venture capital funds globally.

We back emerging and established fund managers in the US, Europe, and Israel with deep expertise in enterprise and consumer technologies who are excited to share our mission to help early-stage entrepreneurs build companies of consequence.

Sapphire Partners invests out of an evergreen fund structure designed to provide our venture capital fund managers with long-term capital.

Our differentiated approach:bringing more than money to the table.

Timing is everything so when the time is right for you, we provide perspective, industry insights, benchmarking and meaningful business value to you and your portfolio companies through our global network, proprietary venture database and dedicated Portfolio Growth programs. We strive to build long-term relationships, founded on trust and instilled with the spirit of collaboration.

We believe persistence is key. That is why we have an evergreen fund structure. It enables us to provide you with long-term capital – through fund investments and direct co-investments for multiple fund cycles.

Sapphire By the Numbers


portfolio company exits in 3rd party funds since 2013


portfolio companies in 3rd party funds valued at $1B+


Global 2000 customer introductions annually


events annually for our portfolio and ecosystem

We believe your LPs should be a strategic asset.

Making Business Connections that Matter

Beyond capital and expertise, our dedicated Portfolio Growth team – made up of business development, marketing, event and talent professionals – cultivates deep connections across the Global 2000 companies to help our underlying portfolio.

All In: Re-imagining Our Role as an LP in Venture

What does it look like to be an LP fully committed to venture? Sapphire Partners lives by three core principles that guide our work today and influence how we look to continually evolve to best serve our venture fund managers.

Providing Industry Insights

We work with leading venture funds, that reach across sectors and geographies, giving us a broad perspective on trends, best practices and insights. We share those industry insights with our fund managers through our thought leadership.

Benchmarking & Analysis

Our extensive benchmarking database allows users to compare performance with Sapphire’s broader portfolio across:

  • Business model / Investment themes
  • Performance by entry series
  • Performance by round size
  • Median ownership by series
  • Follow-on graduation rates
  • TVPI progression

Open LP

OpenLP is an effort to help foster greater understanding in the entrepreneur-to-GP-to-LP tech ecosystem. It is intended to be a resource for the venture community to hear from a diverse group of investors in venture funds and aims to help entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, LPs, and other stakeholders develop a greater understanding of the technology startup ecosystem.

News & Perspectives

Fund Recycling Moves the Needle for Both LPs and GPs. Here’s How.

For as powerful of a mechanism as it can be, fund recycling is an under discussed strategy in venture investing. It can transform a good fund into a great fund, and a great fund into an even better one.

The Black Swan Year: How 2020 Impacted Venture Investing and Performance

2020 was a year that profoundly disrupted nearly every aspect of life, so it’s no surprise that the pandemic’s effects made ripples throughout the venture landscape too. In the spirit of our #OpenLP initiative, and leveraging our proprietary dataset, we took the opportunity to examine how this groundbreaking year altered the venture and startup scene.

Virtual Annual Meetings are Here to Stay: Best Practices for Re-Imagining the AGM for our Remote World

Love them or hate them, virtual annual meetings (AGMs) are here to stay for now. I for one am a huge fan of annual meetings and think they are one of the more valuable interactions between LPs and GPs. I believe they’re so important that last year I published this piece providing GPs with an LPs perspective on how to run a high-value AGM. I followed up with some initial tips as the world started to change in March with all of us sheltering in place. 

#OpenLP: The 4 P’s of Fundraising for Emerging Managers

Raising capital as a first-time venture capital manager (or “VC”) is always challenging – primarily due to a lack of track record and performance coupled with not knowing or having access to prospective limited partners (those entities or individuals who invest in venture funds or “LPs”).