Sapphire Sport:
Investing in early-stage technology companies shaping the future of consumption across sport, media, entertainment and e-commerce.

What is Sport? Sport is global. Sport is unifying. 80+% of the world’s population identifies as a Sport fan in some manner. Sport is increasingly the one thing people can all agree on, even as we disagree on our rooting interests.

As technology disrupts the global sport ecosystem, Sapphire Sport is in a unique position to identify and invest in the future of consumption across a sport, media and entertainment user base.

Our Value-add Platform:A first-of-its-kind approach to early-stage tech investing.

We are passionate about helping innovative entrepreneurs create category-defining businesses that are capturing the attention of the next generation. We know what it takes to help our companies grow and we’re committed to being long-term, value-add partners to our portfolio.

Our approach leverages an investor base of stakeholders across the global sport, media and entertainment ecosystem and is built on Sapphire’s established venture capital and Portfolio Growth platform. Our dedicated team of investment professionals is focused on helping our entrepreneurs build companies of consequence.



Flowhaven is the leading brand licensing management platform enabling licensing professionals to automate every phase of the brand licensing workflow, including planning and strategy, account and agreement management, content distribution, design approvals, royalty reporting and more. Flowhaven is a Licensing International member with offices in London, Los Angeles, and Helsinki.


Aglet is a publisher and developer of sneaker-focused, location-based spatial commerce experiences for Gen-Z. Aglet was created to reimagine the commerce experience by fusing virtual and physical worlds and location-based gameplay.


Buzzer is a mobile-first, notification-driven sports technology company that aims to be a leading unifier of the sports ecosystem for both fans and media rightsholders. Buzzer is defining a new category of short-form live sports content that provides fans with a highly curated experience and gives them the ability to discover the live moments that matter most to them. Buzzer presents a new opportunity for sports leagues to reach net new audiences, define new revenue streams, and receive meaningful data and analytics while protecting all existing distribution channels and partners.

Mixhalo Executives

Mixhalo is a real-time audio platform delivering a high quality, immersive experience for live events including concerts, conferences, festivals, sporting events, and anywhere people gather to hear content.


Overtime is a sports network focused on young, digital-native sports fans. The company’s programming focuses on talented young athletes, in particular high school athletes who play basketball and football. Overtime is a distributed sports network.

Tonal CEO

Tonal is the world’s most intelligent fitness system and the first truly personalized approach to strength training. Tonal enables people to lead healthier lives by providing them with the technology, guidance, and community support to effectively reach their fitness goals.

Phoenix Labs CEO
Phoenix Labs

Phoenix Labs is an independent game company based in Vancouver, British Columbia and San Mateo, California. The company was founded in 2014 to create games for it’s passionate community and evolve the way great games are made and enjoyed. They aspire to create new AAA gaming experiences that their community will share for years to come.


Fevo enables “social commerce” by making it easier to bring people together to create unforgettable group live event experiences. With a powerful payments technology and a smart approach, Fevo is revolutionizing how groups purchase and socialize their transactions with their friends and friends’ friends allowing people to easily share event details and also split payment across live events, attractions, travel, or direct-to-consumer e-commerce brands such as in the health and beauty sector.

Manticore Games™

Manticore Games™ is the developer and operator of CORE™, a digital playground and community designed to unleash imagination and explore new play experiences. Manticore Games was established by industry veterans from Electronic Arts, Blizzard, Respawn, Xfire, Roblox, Trion Worlds, Crystal Dynamics and Zynga.


PlayVS is the leading amateur esports platform. It is the single community where players come together to compete, fans gather to spectate and coaches manage their programs. Through strategic partnerships with the NFHS and top game publishers, PlayVS has become the backbone of high school esports, powering league play and State Championships across the nation.

GreenPark Sports

GreenPark Sports provides digital experiences and games for sports and esports fans. Its flagship product is a native, free-to-play mobile game played over the top of sporting events, where fans battle to become the undisputed “Best Fans” of their league and season

Value-add Investors

Sapphire Sport is a first-of-its-kind venture capital platform bringing together the capital and industry experience of premier global sporting, media and lifestyle brands, including City Football Group, owners of English Premier League champions Manchester City; owners and investors from major U.S. sports franchises – National Football League, Major League Baseball, National Basketball Association, National Hockey League and Major League Soccer – and strategic family offices and institutional investors.

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Global Sport Market by the Numbers


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of the world are sports fans


invested in sport companies in 2017


U.S. addressable market

Investment Criteria

Company Stage and Focus

We primarily invest in Seed, Series A and B-stage technology startups focused on the future of consumption across sport, media, entertainment and e-commerce.

Investment Size

We typically invest between $3M and $10M as our initial investment, acting as a lead, co-lead or participant.

Investment Sectors

We will be tracking and investing in multiple market segments, including:

  • Next Gen Media
  • Gaming & eSports
  • Health & Wellness

These segments are not exclusive and will consistently be tested and reevaluated.

Latest News

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The sports-media calendar is in complete disarray, yet the desire to consume streaming products and interact with the leagues, teams, athletes, and brands that matter so much has never been higher. Buzzer, the latest Sapphire Sport investment, solves this, and it does so with the stakeholder explicitly in mind.

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