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Win new customers.
Secure the best talent.
Discover best practices.

  • How should I scale my product-led growth business?
  • Can you help me accelerate a deal?
  • We are looking for a new CFO, do you have any suggestions?
  • Where should I open my European HQ?

Our portfolio growth team helps you make the right connections. We are made up of experienced global operators who deliver value-add services through meaningful business introductions and distinct Centers of Excellence, which provide guidance and best practices to our portfolio companies.

Here’s what our CEOs are saying:

  • Access to global 2,000 decision makers
  • Partner, channel, and marketplaces expansion opportunities
  • Best-in-class executive talent network

Business Networks

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Sapphire has been a fantastic partner. They’ve helped us hire crucial leadership roles, introduced us to potential customers, have spotlighted us across networking opportunities, and worked with us on the ground in the U.S. and Europe.

Didier Elzinga CEO + Co-Founder, Culture Amp
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Sapphire has facilitated customer introductions, involved us in an upcoming life sciences roundtable and has made talent connections that will prove to be incredibly useful to our business. They are exactly the kind of VC that we need by our side as we move into our next stage of growth.

Dr. Michelle Longmire CEO + Co-Founder, Medable
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Sapphire’s talent team is the best I’ve ever encountered in the VC ecosystem. They not only bring candidates to the table, but they’re active participants in helping us close key leaders across our business.

Todd Olson CEO + Founder, Pendo
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Sapphire introduced us to dozens of top-notch executives, facilitated impactful customer and partner introductions, and have always made it a point to amplify our brand publicly. The Sapphire team works hard for us and it has been a pleasure to partner with them.

Manny Medina CEO, Outreach
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Sapphire has connected us with incredible people. From other founders, to press contacts to later stage investors, Sapphire gives access to people who provide incredible value to our business.

Joni Klippert CEO + Co-Founder, Stackhawk
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    The portfolio company case studies provided within this section represent a subset of all investments made by Sapphires’ Growth strategy, whereby the criteria chosen is non-performance based and instead have been selected to demonstrate Sapphire’s experiences with such companies as an operating partner. Specific case studies provided reflect portfolio companies in which Sapphire’s growth strategy have invested in over the previous two years and have provided endorsements related to Sapphire’s role as an operating partner. Further information available upon request. The quotes set forth within this presentation are from members of current and former Sapphires’ portfolio companies and other third parties with whom Sapphire interacts under such categories and have provided a statement as such. Statements reflect endorsements related the nature and type of management services provided by Sapphire as an operating partner and do not constitute testimonials to Sapphires’ investment advisory services and no inference to the contrary should be made. Sapphire has provided no compensation related to such endorsements.

    Centers of Excellence

    Centers of Excellence —

    • Sales and GTM
    • Infrastructure and DevOps
    • International Expansion
    • Capital Markets
    • Emerging Managers
    • CXO & Corporate Buyers
    • Insightful content and benchmarks across each business function
    • Best practices and advisory services across all business areas
    • Peer-to-peer learning opportunities and events

    Team —