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No-Code Automation for the Front Office: Why We’re Proud to Back Creatio
June 26, 2024
Table of contents

When we look at the most prevalent business software today, many adopt a “one size fits all” philosophy designed to streamline and standardize processes uniformly across all organizations. Yet the reality is no two businesses are alike, and many processes often vary widely and do not fit into a uniform mold. Standardized solutions, typically rigid and costly to customize, struggle to keep pace with the dynamic needs of modern enterprises. Many companies are overdue for flexible and adaptable tools that can be tailored to their unique requirements and processes.

Enter Creatio, a composable, robust no-code platform that allows non-technical users to easily build and customize applications, and automate workflows. Creatio provides an out-of-the-box suite of AI-powered CRM applications for the entire customer journey, from marketing and sales to customer service. Widely recognized for its leading no-code capabilities and flexible architecture, Creatio has delivered remarkable ROI and time to value for its customers. Today, we couldn’t be more excited to share that we are leading the company’s $200M capital raise to support its next chapter of growth.1

Significant Unmet Needs Remain in Large, Established Markets

In the realm of business software, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is one of the largest and most well-established categories. While this market has been around for decades, there still remain significant greenfield opportunities. For context, Salesforce, the leading CRM vendor by a wide margin, only holds ~20% of market share worldwide. Many scaled businesses are still running on spreadsheets and rudimentary homegrown solutions. Despite the success of the many CRM platforms available today, a significant gap remains in the market due to unmet needs. Enterprise-focused CRM solutions often come with heavyweight, monolithic platforms that are expensive and timely to implement, maintain and customize. On the other hand, lower-market vendors that provide more agility often lack the product depth and scalability needed by growing businesses. 

Business Process Management (BPM) systems have also existed for several decades, initially created to help automate and optimize processes for users with technical knowledge. With over 1 billion knowledge workers globally, there’s a massive opportunity to empower non-technical business users. These professionals could greatly benefit from workflow automation tools to supercharge their day-to-day processes. There is a clear and compelling opportunity for a truly no-code, workflow automation solution that can seamlessly extend to different personas and power various use cases across an organization. 

Supercharging the Front Office with No-Code and Gen AI


Creatio allows users to easily create applications, workflows and automation without code, with a focus on front office CRM use cases today (e.g., sales, marketing, customer service). The platform is built upon a unique, composable architecture that allows users to assemble pre-built components in a “lego-like” manner. On the frontend, this manifests as a visually intuitive, drag-and-drop interface with an extensive library of 600+ ready-to-use templates, making it easy to quickly configure and customize workflows. As users assemble on the frontend, Creatio’s underlying business logic engine interprets these configurations and stitches together complex business processes seamlessly in the backend. Additionally, with a powerful governance engine consisting of 140+ pre-built checks, Creatio enables the democratization of a no-code solution with proper guardrails to ensure a well-governed, citizen development environment. 

Creatio also has incorporated advanced AI capabilities into the entire platform via Creatio Copilot. Users can leverage the GenAI copilot to supercharge no-code app development and core CRM functionality such as generating emails and templates, analyzing opportunities and forecasts, and suggesting and executing actions directly within the platform.

Delivering Exceptional ROI, Time to Value and Extensibility

The usability and scalability of the Creatio platform have allowed them to deliver remarkable ROI for a diverse customer base across 20+ industries including the likes of Colgate, AMD, BSN Sports, Cheesecake Factory, Pacific Western, Metlife and many more. As the core system of record, Creatio plays a mission-critical role in streamlining and orchestrating customer-facing processes within a business. The highly composable backend architecture combined with a no-code, drag-and-drop frontend interface has generated unmatched time to value and lower total cost of ownership for their customers.

Additionally, given the usability of the Creatio platform and the scalability of business process orchestration capabilities, use cases have started to emerge beyond the CRM realm to enable workflows in areas such as compliance, HR, finance, procurement and more.

Visionary Team Dedicated to Building a Company of Consequence

Katherine_Creatio_headshot Katherine Kostereva,

CEO, Creatio

When we first met Katherine, Creatio’s Founder & CEO, we were immediately captivated by her infectious energy, incredible command of the business and deep expertise in the field. Katherine’s passion for the space spans everything from authoring the comprehensive No-Code Playbook, detailing how business users can harness the no-code framework to achieve transformative, organization-wide results to hosting the No-Code Days conference worldwide, championing the power of no-code to digital leaders across industries. Katherine and her team’s unwavering commitment to their customers has established Creatio as a highly trusted pioneer in no-code technology, impacting millions of workflows daily across 100+ countries with a robust partner ecosystem of over 700 global partners.  

At Sapphire Ventures, we are proud to invest in companies we believe to be of real consequence. We have a long history of partnering with category-leading companies in both front office and workflow automation, including (now NASDAQ: MNDY), Attentive, Braze (now NASDAQ: BRZE), Gorgias, Podium, 6Sense, Clari, Outreach, Pendo, Moveworks,, Mulesoft (acquired by Salesforce) and Segment (acquired by Twilio). We firmly believe that Creatio will be a transformative company in automating front-office workflows. If you’re interested in learning more about Creatio’s products you can find more information here. And if you’re interested in joining their growing team, check out their openings here.

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