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Transforming Employee Experience with the Power of AI: Why We’re Excited to Lead Simpplr’s Series D

We believe Employee Experience (EX) has never been higher on the C-suite agenda given the digitization of the workplace post-pandemic, the ongoing war for talent across industries driven by the Great Resignation, and changing workforce demographics. In response, most employers have prioritized EX as a business strategy due to the positive impact it has had on reducing attrition, boosting employee morale and productivity and ultimately, improving company performance. This surge in demand has driven an estimated $300B in annual spend on services and hundreds of tools that revitalize corporate culture, increase connectivity between employees, democratize company knowledge and improve employee sentiment.  

However, creating a top-notch employee experience remains a challenge for many employers. During our research, we found that popular technologies in the market require dedicated headcount to manage, are still difficult to create content in, and lack the consumer-grade experience that employees are increasingly looking for in the workplace. Additionally, the market is also overcrowded with point solutions that only address parts of the EX problem. Against this backdrop, Simpplr has emerged with a unified Employee Experience platform, that combines a modern intranet, as well as employee recognition and sentiment-driven survey tools. Simpplr is already widely recognized for its leading modern AI-powered intranet product and today, we couldn’t be more excited to share that we are leading the company’s $70M Series D round.

Revolutionizing EX by bridging the internal communications gap with a central platform

Simpplr’s visual and user-friendly employee portal brings siloed employees together by providing one location for easy access to real-time company updates, employee contact information, company policies, workplace applications and much more. Each employee has a home page and activity feed that is personalized according to their individual needs and interests. Additionally, Simpplr’s cutting edge federated search algorithm has transformed the information discovery experience. Powered by AI and adaptive machine learning, Simpplr Search helps employees find personalized information from various document repositories and content management systems, allowing users to save time and be more efficient.

Many users love Simpplr’s activity feed, which brings social functionality (such as likes, comments and shares) into the workplace, encouraging employee-to-employee engagement and community building. Simpplr also provides media-rich content creation tools that are entirely no-code and intuitive, enabling corporate leaders and internal communications teams to design personalized content for target groups of employees in a variety of media formats. This content can be broadcasted across multiple channels with a single click, allowing companies to reach employees where they prefer in order to drive strong engagement.

With Simpplr, employers can collect real-time feedback from employees through micro-surveys embedded alongside content. Simpplr’s AI also works in the background to constantly surface hidden employee sentiment by analyzing employee behavior on the platform.

Not only does Simpplr allow for better information sharing and employee engagement, but the platform shares meaningful insights to employers who are looking to better understand employee behaviors, preferences, etc. With Simpplr employers are able to course-correct their employee experience strategy in real-time and ensure employee needs are being met.


An exceptional product loved by blue-chip customers

Personalization and ease of use for all business users are the pillars of Simpplr’s design philosophy, which are key drivers of high employee engagement and adoption on the platform. But don’t just take our word for it. As we dug further into Simpplr, we were blown away by the customer feedback. Various Enterprise HR leaders and CIOs alike mentioned that their internal communication teams could not imagine doing their jobs without Simpplr. Their employees appreciated the social network-like feel of the platform and considered it to be the source of truth to access important content in their organization. These customers repeatedly told us that the monthly employee engagement increased dramatically–typically 5x industry adoption rates after migrating to Simpplr.

In fact, after onboarding Simpplr, a trucking and transportation customer saw a 253% increase in employee engagement and another customer in the finance and banking sector achieved 100% weekly active users on the platform.

In addition to better employee engagement, various customers saw strong ROI due to significant IT cost savings. Simpplr’s platform is self-serve and requires minimal IT support to set up and maintain on an ongoing basis. Above all, customers such as Penske, Moderna, Snowflake, Eurostar and AAA praised Simpplr for being solution-oriented and a true partner in helping them build a better workplace by connecting all employees through richer communications and easier access to information.


A passionate leadership team helping companies build better workplaces

Dhiraj Sharma, Founder & CEO, Simpplr Dhiraj Sharma,

Founder & CEO, Simpplr

When we first met Dhiraj, Simpplr’s Founder & CEO, we were immediately struck by his vision for an EX suite that goes far beyond Simpplr’s initial beginnings as a modern employee portal. It takes a powerhouse team to execute such a vision and we have been impressed by Dhiraj’s ability to attract accomplished executives from Nutanix, X (formerly Google X), SAP and Jobvite. Time and time again, we have been fortunate to see Dhiraj and his team execute to perfection, making the decision to partner together on Simpplr’s Series D an easy one.

Building off its existing base of 700+ customers, we believe that Simpplr will transform EX for billions of people across the globe. If you’re interested in learning more about Simpplr’s products you can find more information here. And if you’re interested in joining their growing team, check out their openings here.

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