#OpenLP Video: How Does Data Influence LP and GP Decisions?

Last month I had the opportunity to speak at SuperReturn365 on a panel focused on how LPs and GPs use data in our respective business.  Some of the questions Tom Henriksson, Suranga Chandratillake, Mish Mashkautsan, Kart Siilats and I explored included:

  • How and where GPs and LPs leverage data - Sourcing? Diligence? Post investment? As well as other creative ways.
  • How we believe data adds competitive advantage to our work
  • What tools we use for managing data, and
  • What limitations we have found of using data

    "How is data used in venture capital? Hear from the LPs and GPs" panel at SuperReturn365

Watch the full video to hear our answers to these questions -- and you can form your own opinion on whether venture jobs will eventually be replaced by machine learning.