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#OpenLP Video: How Does Data Influence LP and GP Decisions?

Last month I had the opportunity to speak at SuperReturn365 on a panel focused on how LPs and GPs use data in our respective business.  Some of the questions Tom Henriksson, Suranga Chandratillake, Mish Mashkautsan, Kart Siilats and I explored included:

  • How and where GPs and LPs leverage data - Sourcing? Diligence? Post investment? As well as other creative ways.
  • How we believe data adds competitive advantage to our work
  • What tools we use for managing data, and
  • What limitations we have found of using data
    LP & GP SuperReturn

    "How is data used in venture capital? Hear from the LPs and GPs" panel at SuperReturn365

Watch the full video to hear our answers to these questions -- and you can form your own opinion on whether venture jobs will eventually be replaced by machine learning.