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#OpenLP: Beezer Clarkson: My Chat With The Twenty Minute VC On LPs And The World Of VC

Today, I had the pleasure of going on The Twenty Minute VC to share some thoughts on the world of limited partners (LPs) in venture. My good friend Harry Stebbings is a masterful interviewer and got me talking about how LPs source and invest in funds, LP/GP “market fit”, what makes a great VC and much more.

It’s the first time an LP has ever gone on the show, and I’m excited to share the episode here:

You can also learn more about what we covered in Harry’s TechCrunch post, “What investors want from venture capital firms”.

And if you’d still like more, check out OpenLP, where you can hear from a diverse group of LPs — what they think, what they do and why they matter to entrepreneurs and GPs alike. You can also follow the conversation on Twitter at #OpenLP.

As always, any feedback on how LPs like me can create more knowledge-sharing and understanding for the VC community is most welcome!