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Monday on a Thursday. Congratulations to! 
June 10, 2021
Table of contents

Thinking back to our first meeting with co-CEOs Roy and Eran in 2017 reminds us of just how special that conversation was. We recall it vividly because of their torrid growth, the unique way they were driving the business and how they articulated the vision for–a platform to help literally anyone achieve heightened productivity at work.

Four years later, we’re thrilled to celebrate the entire team on this incredible milestone of going public. An event like this serves as an appropriate time to reflect on what we believe makes so unique as there aren’t many companies to achieve their level of size, growth and overall impact.

Entrepreneurs who stay the course

Eran and Roy march to their own beat in the best way. Entrepreneurs are constantly met with doubt and questioning. It can be easy to shift course and become indecisive. That wasn’t the case with Roy, Eran and team. Everything from sales compensation to building their own in-house business intelligence suite to operationalize and analyze their go-to-market is uniquely

While most SaaS companies are known to generate quick bookings by selling to other tech businesses, took pride in their non-tech customer traction by signing on Unilever, HSBC, the NHL, Mars–to name a few. The single-mindedness of Roy and Eran to do things their way has fostered an organization-wide culture rooted in individualism, creativity and togetherness in the face of inevitable skepticism along the way.

A truly universal platform

At its core, set out on a mission to change the way work was done. The vision for the business wasn’t to build a better project management application, but rather to create a platform that any user across any industry, function and country could leverage to build their own applications that fit their day-to-day workflows.  From construction workers to law firms to tech marketers, serves as the ultimate platform (and set of applications) that delivers an out-of-box experience but can still adapt to meet customized needs.

Driving a broader impact

At Sapphire, we partner with visionary teams and help them build Companies of Consequence. To us, “consequence” doesn’t only mean revenues and valuation, but rather companies that are driving a broader impact on an industry or society at large. Beyond’s mission to democratize software, Roy and Eran have found every opportunity to use for good. For example, the company recently launched the Equal Impact Initiative to further its mission of closing the digital divide between the for- and non-profit sectors by providing a robust digital transformation toolbox for nonprofit teams.

We’re hugely grateful for the partnership with And we couldn’t be more excited for Roy, Eran and the entire team on this next chapter of their journey–which in many ways is a new beginning!


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