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Beezer’s Breakdown Take II with Harry Stebbings

Last month Harry Stebbings invited me back on The Twenty Minute VC to talk about venture fundraising activity for Q1 2017. We had a great time talking about things like:

  • How has the venture industry performed as a whole in Q1'17, both in funds raised and dollars invested? How does this compare to previous years? Hint: 2017 is off to a decently strong start even though we did not see the same number of mega funds raised as we did in Q1'16.
  • For fans of the first time manager ecosystem — we discussed how that ecosystem is developing, with more first time funds raised in Q1'17 than in Q1'16.
  • Why the number of $100 million to $250 million funds was down last year, and how that bucks a historic trend.
  • How exit market liquidity affects the fundraising market for both startups and GPs.
  • And lastly, I got a chance to turn the tables and ask Harry a few questions!

You can listen here: