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Sapphire Partners Announces Next Generation of #OpenLP Initiative
August 12, 2021
Table of contents

Resource for the Established Venture Investor and Emerging Manager Community Sees Significant Traction

Today, Sapphire Partners, a global investor in early-stage venture funds, announced the launch of the new and improved OpenLP initiative.

Launched by Sapphire Partners in 2015, #OpenLP is a crowd-sourced effort to shed light on the limited partner (LP) perspective in the venture ecosystem. #OpenLP aggregates and amplifies insights from a diverse group of LPs and GPs across the venture industry, all in service of greater transparency and understanding. 

VCs and entrepreneurs are hungry for the LP voice, which has historically been relatively opaque. The interest in hearing more from LPs has been clear, and along with it the #OpenLP movement has grown significantly.

Now, Sapphire Partners is upleveling #OpenLP by relaunching the website with a new look, improved site navigation, and a dedicated Emerging Manager section. It’s intended to be a one-stop shop for aspiring and established fund managers and investors to learn about the venture ecosystem.

OpenLP Clarifies Critical Link Between Funders and Founders

Beezer Clarkson, who heads Sapphire Partners and spearheaded the launch of #OpenLP, shares, “Venture investors and entrepreneurs want and deserve to know how ‘the money behind the money’ thinks and operates. We launched #OpenLP to bring light and transparency to the LP perspective, as well as to encourage more LPs to share their perspectives. Over the last few years we have seen both an increased interest in the LP perspective, as well as an incredible new amount of venture investors entering the industry. With this new and improved #OpenLP website, our goal is to make this information even more accessible and actionable than before, particularly for investors (or aspiring investors) from diverse or non-traditional backgrounds.”

“#OpenLP is such an incredible resource for the venture community,” said prominent investor and podcaster Harry Stebbings of 20VC. “As a GP, I routinely find myself referring other venture investors to #OpenLP for a window into the LP mindset. This upleveling of #OpenLP as a content repository is a fantastic development for us venture investors, especially emerging managers.”

With this new iteration of the #OpenLP website, Sapphire Partners is helping further clarify a critical link between funders and founders, bringing the LP perspective to the dialogue, and amplifying and aggregating voices to help all parties better understand how to engage and leverage their LPs.

About Sapphire Partners
Sapphire Partners is the dedicated investment organization within Sapphire Ventures focused on investing in early-stage venture funds in the US, Europe and Israel. Formed in 2012, Sapphire Partners uses an evergreen-like funding structure to invest in dozens of fund managers who are focused on technology investments.

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(a) “AUM” — Assets Under Management (AUM) represents Sapphire’s Regulatory Assets Under Management as of 12/31/2020 per ADV filed March 2021

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