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Sapphire Ventures Perspectives

Thoughts And Insights From The Sapphire Ventures Team

How AI Is (and Is Not) Transforming the Workplace

At Sapphire’s 2018 CIO Summit, Databricks’ CEO Ali Ghodsi pointed out that the biggest gains in AI are quite boring. Shiny solutions like…

Sapphire Ventures

November 14

Introducing Sapphire Fellows: Proven leaders to help founders scale

Building a company is hard. With every success and burst of growth, comes a new set of challenges that founders may not have experienced —…

Sapphire Ventures

November 2

DataRobot: Making Enterprises Intelligent with ‘Boring AI’

Let’s face it: the real value of machine learning and AI for enterprises isn’t tantalizing or controversial — it’s boring, and that makes…

Jai Das

October 25