Sapphire Ventures helps innovative expansion-stage companies scale to become global category leaders.

Every company—whether enterprise or consumer—faces similar challenges when they get to the expansion stage. Sapphire Ventures is the premier venture capital partner for fast-growing technology companies because we are uniquely positioned to help you exponentially scale through the power of our global enterprise network, resources and expertise.

  • $1.4B under
    as of July 2013

  • 125 investments since 1996

  • 29 IPOs & M&A
    since January 2011

  • 86% of the Global
    Fortune 500
    in the global SAP network

To the Power of Enterprise

Sapphire Ventures scales our portfolio companies to the power of enterprise.

As of October 2014

SAP Ventures has become Sapphire Ventures, a move forward that reinforces our independence and the expansion of our capabilities to support our portfolio companies.

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