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A platform to connect, learn and grow

Sapphire Communities
Bringing together startup CEOs and industry leaders across our networks with a dedicated community for every growth need.

Sapphire Communities is a dedicated platform for portfolio company CEOs and executives, Global 2000 decision-makers and top private cloud company leaders to make connections, learn new strategies and accelerate company growth. Sapphire Communities is also made up of the firm’s in-house executives and Sapphire Growth Advisors, an exclusive group of B2B technology leaders within our network who work closely with portfolio companies to help them achieve their business goals.

Sapphire Communities are by invitation only.

  • Engineering
  • People
  • IT
  • Revenue
  • Finance
  • ESG
Benefits of Membership
  • Network access
  • Peer-to-peer learning
  • Playbooks, frameworks & Benchmarks
  • Exclusive events
What are Sapphire Communities?

Communities bring together company leaders and industry practitioners to gather, share, learn, discuss, collaborate and support each other along their growth journeys.

For more details on Communities, check out our blog post.

Who makes up Sapphire Communities?

Sapphire Communities are made up of Sapphire portfolio company leaders, G2000 decision-makers and prominent cloud-native company executives, Sapphire Growth Advisors, and subject matter experts interested in connecting and learning from one another.

What do Sapphire Communities offer its members?

Sapphire Communities provide portfolio CEOs and their teams with access to our networks, knowledge centers, and exclusive events. They also offer a space for leaders and practitioners facing similar challenges and opportunities to learn, discuss, collaborate, and support each other. Ultimately, communities are designed to help startups accelerate their growth journeys.

For G2000 and leading cloud-native company leaders, Sapphire Communities delivers market insights and trends, peer-to-peer learning opportunities, as well as opportunities to see the latest cutting-edge technologies built by Sapphire’s portfolio companies and the startup ecosystem. It’s also a destination to explore product and GTM collaborations.

Growth Advisors are able to leverage Communities to bolster their thought leadership and influence, grow their networks, further magnify their personal brand, and explore opportunities to engage with Sapphire’s portfolio.

How many Sapphire Communities exist today?

6 including: Engineering, People, IT, Revenue, Finance, ESG

How do I join a Sapphire Community?

Sapphire Communities are by invitation only. If you have questions or would like to learn more, please get in touch: [email protected].