Rami Branitzky

Managing Director

  • "There are investors and then there are builders. Special thanks to Rami and Sapphire Ventures who help us build at Nutanix." - Sudheesh Nair, President, Nutanix

Rami leads Sapphire Ventures’ market development efforts, where his team of business development and marketing professionals works closely with portfolio companies to provide strategic support across a range of topics, including go-to-market, business development and other functional areas. He is currently a board director at Mirantis and TidalScale.

Rami has nearly 20 years of experience in tech in a variety of roles. Most recently, he was CEO of Numenta, an innovator in machine learning. Previously, he served as managing director of SAP Labs North America, where he led its revitalization by focusing on innovation and integration with Silicon Valley’s rich culture of entrepreneurship. Rami also served as a senior vice president at SAP SE, where he led the software partnerships and business development organization, and held field and product leadership positions at TopTier Software, which was acquired by SAP for $400 million in 2001.

Rami serves as a board member of the Silicon Valley Leadership Group and as a director of the Churchill Club, Silicon Valley’s premier thought leadership organization. He holds a BA from Hofstra University, where he graduated Magna Cum Laude, and an MBA in information systems and finance from New York University Stern School of Business. Rami also served in the Israeli Defense Forces, Infantry Communications and Electronics branch, where he was awarded the Meritorious Service Award.