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Empowering Enterprise IT To Manage Digital Transformation

It’s no secret that digital technologies — and the ways we use them in our personal lives, work and society — are changing the way enterprises do business. To keep pace, these companies are transforming into digital businesses. While most of these transformations are driven by the marketing and customer experience teams, there’s increasing focus on the integration of the technologies and system on the back-end, which can dramatically impact how a company operates, enables its employees and stakeholders and delivers value to customers.

CIOs and IT operation teams are unable to lead or even participate in these transformations because of their company’s legacy tools. Increasingly enterprises are bypassing the CIO and working with their DevOps team to move to the public/hybrid cloud to deliver innovative products and services, improve market position and create operational efficiencies.

That’s a big reason that we’re excited to announce our investment in OpsRamp. OpsRamp is a hybrid cloud IT management platform, which gives the power back to CIOs and IT operations teams to lead their company’s digital transformation efforts. OpsRamp’s unique approach empowers enterprise IT teams to manage a complex, hybrid ecosystem comprised of infrastructure clouds, applications, data centers and services, and enables them to deploy workloads efficiently and cost-effectively. They’re already doing this for companies such as Dolby Digital, Epsilon and Bio-Rad to name a few.

As excited as we are about the technology, it’s even more exciting to work with people like Varma Kunaparaju, OpsRamp’s CEO and co-founder, and his passionate team. For us, it’s about the interactions and collaborations with these exceptional individuals who dare to dream and risk it all to build something great. What’s more, we love bootstrapped companies that follow contrarian paths.

Varma started his career building supercomputers for the Indian government to solve large-scale, compute-intensive engineering problems. He later moved to the U.S and founded two companies, the latter of which was a technology-enabled managed services provider called NetEnrich with his co-founder Raju Chekuri. Early in the company’s history, Varma and Raju realized that the software platform they built to support operations management was relevant to every company with large IT operations, and that’s when OpsRamp was born.

Over the last few years, Varma has built a product that enables CIOs to leverage hybrid clouds to reduce the enterprise IT landscape to the key resources and applications that are needed for their digital transformation journeys. At the same time, it has enabled IT operations teams to manage these resources across multiple data centers and disparate cloud infrastructures similar to how web-scale companies like Google and Facebook manage their IT resources today.

We see great things ahead for OpsRamp as it delivers on its mission to help enterprises successfully manage their increasingly digital businesses. We look forward to working closely with Varma and his team to help OpsRamp realize its full potential.


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