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Catchpoint Systems: Smarter, Faster End-user Monitoring

We’re thrilled to announce our investment in Catchpoint®, a next-generation leader in digital performance monitoring and analytics. Catchpoint provides a SaaS platform that monitors and optimizes the end-user experience across enterprise customers’ digital touch points to ultimately enable a smarter, faster way to preempt performance issues.

So why’d we invest? Well, it all started with our near-immediate appreciation for the problem Catchpoint is solving. For years we’ve evaluated the application performance monitoring (APM) ecosystem and realized that while traditional APM vendors play a critical role in IT operations management, businesses still lose visibility and control of their end users’ experience with applications for reasons outside of their internal infrastructure — e.g., CDNs, ISPs, DNS, device and browser types, etc. Enter Catchpoint, which provides this unique visibility into the performance of customers’ applications from global vantage points.

Coupled with the above, consumers of websites and software increasingly demand a certain level of performance out of their interactions with applications. Waiting for a website or your favorite application to load is frustrating and leads to a measurable adverse business impact. Catchpoint allows enterprise customers of all sizes and verticals to gain visibility and understand the root causes of these performance issues.

Beyond the typical criteria of market positioning, market size and financial performance, the people behind the company is an equally important factor in our decision-making. We believe Mehdi Daoudi, the CEO and co-founder of Catchpoint, and his broader team are world-class operators, most of whom hail from DoubleClick. And in speaking with customers, we were most impressed that they consistently remarked how thrilled they were with the responsiveness and customer centricity of the Catchpoint team. Everyone in the Catchpoint organization genuinely believes in the “customers come first” mantra.

The clincher was the cultural alignment we had with Mehdi and his team. Catchpoint values substance over style, and Mehdi leads with a sense of transparency and humility that deeply resonates with us.

For all these reasons and more, we’re excited to partner with Catchpoint to help create the next SaaS end-user monitoring category leader!



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